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When serving in a game, mix up your serves to keep your opponent guessingThis can be achieved by altering the length of your serve and (or) the type of spin put on the ball.

Kay's Corner

This section will include coaching advice as well as keep you all up to date with Kay and her Achievements. Stay tuned for Kay's coaching videos, step by step advice and more. The following videos demonstrate the highly entertaining and down right incredible aspects of Table Tennis. Each clip is an embedded video from various Social Media sources and credit goes to those who published the content.



Kay Crowell - Inducted in to the Table Tennis Australia Hall of Fame (Veterans)




SA Sports ShowKay Crowell representing Table Tennis SA  (YouTube) 



Source: The Man Mood (Facebook) - Unique training partner. Proof that Table Tennis is for ANYONE!



Source: Day Bong Ban Vot Doc (Facebook) - Amazing Table Tennis Trickshots!



Source: Milk Magazine (Facebook) - Table Tennis is for all ages and species!


Source: The Sport Bible (Facebook) - Apparently the Table Tennis balls are too small for these guys!


Source: Ozzy Man Reviews (Facebook) - *WARNING: ADULT CONTENT - Course language*
​A look into Table Tennis with running Commentary from famous Internet character Ozzy Man Reviews



Source: Anca Rotaru (Facebook) ​No longer do we play until we can no longer stand up, the game continues on the floor!

Source: Brain on Ping Pong (Facebook) A look into the deeper effects Table Tennis or (ping-pong) has on the brain




More videos to be added soon!