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When serving in a game, mix up your serves to keep your opponent guessingThis can be achieved by altering the length of your serve and (or) the type of spin put on the ball.


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[10/03/13] Adelaide Festival, Barrio Market Stall Holder - Table Tennis SA. Located in Barrio, at Hajek Plaza, Adelaide Festival Centre (Behind Parliment House) 9pm - 1am


Any enquiries please contact kcrowell@tabletennissa.com.au


  The Fringe and Adelaide Festival is over. Check out the photos from Games night at Bario. Kay was in attendance on behalf of Table Tennis SA to help promote the sport





More information and photographs on our Facebook Page.



[09/03/13] Ping Pong Madness- The The Governor Hindmarsh 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, SA.

Get dressed up as a table tennis pro and head to the Gov’ for Ping Pong Madness. You can spectate for free but where is the fun it that, get a group of mates and aim to become champions of ping pong, prizes for the best dressed.



[17/02/13] Chinese New Year, Lunar Street Party - Gougar Street Adelaide 


Kay braved the intense heat to promote Table Tennis to a very broad audience. Overall the day was a success, with a lot of interest shown in Table Tennis, as both Tables were occupied throughout the day.




More information and photographs on our Facebook Page







[03/02/13] Clayton Bay CFS Family Fun Day, Clayton Bay, South Australia


Kquip Table Tennis and All Table Sports donated a Table Tennis Table as a prize to raise money for the Clayton Bay CFS. Also Kay set up the table on Behalf of Table Tennis SA, to allow people to have a go. With the robot set up, it was a great day for people to try their hand at the sport. Many had a laugh with family, and Friends, including the CFS iconic Smokey The Bear.

More information and photographs on our Facebook Page.


Totally Wild Segment on Table Tennis SA - See Video Below